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Insurance Discount Course Online DMV APPROVED

  • Approved by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Qualify for a car insurance discount by completing this course.
  • Drivers under 20 years old may not take this online course - you must complete an in-person course.
  • You may take the course as often as your insurance company allows.
  • Minimum final exam score of 80% to pass - you have unlimited exam retakes.
  • By law, you must wait 24 hours between exam retakes.
  • PLEASE NOTE: As required by law, the final exam for this course must be administered at an Licensed Testing Center. After you complete the online course, you will be required to visit a testing center to complete the final exam. Please click the Exam Locations link below to find an exam location near you.

    Exam Locations

8 hour course as required by law

Exam Grade Needed to Pass: 80% (Unlimited exam retakes for FREE)

$14.95 plus $10.00 State Reporting Fee

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Virginia Insurance Discount Course Online

Our Virginia Insurance Discount Course online is approved by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Upon completion we will email you a Certificate of Completion which you may give to your car insurance agent for a discount. For more details on savings please contact your insurance company. Drivers under 20 years old may not register for the course as they are required to complete an in-person course.

Top Reasons to Take the Virginia Insurance Discount Course Online with DriveSafeToday

  • Accessible online 24/7 with any device
  • 100% transparent - lowest price with no hidden fees
  • #1 recommended provider of the VA insurance discount course by insurance companies
  • Certificate available to download immediately upon course completion
  • Course narration included for free
  • Stellar US based support team

Virginia DMV Approved Provider Insurance Discount Course Online

The course offered by DriveSafeToday has been developed by certified defensive driving instructors and approved by the Virginia DMV. Upon course completion, we'll provide you with a certificate to download at no additional charge. This evidences your completion of the DMV approved course. We also offer the option to mail a printed signed and sealed version.

How the Virginia Insurance Discount Course Online Works

Completing this VA DMV approved defensive driving course is simple and convenient. Simply register for the course on our website and work through the course on your schedule. The course is presented in a text and audio format. At the end of each section, you'll be presented with multiple choice and true/false quiz questions. These are not graded. These quizzes will help you prepare for the final exam by refreshing what you have learned in the section. As per Virginia DMV requirements, the final exam for this course must be completed at a local testing center. We'll provide you with a list of testing centers near you. You must score at least 80% on the final exam to pass - but don't worry - you'll have unlimited final exam retakes at no extra charge. Upon course completion, we'll provide you with a certificate that you may download and provide to your insurance company to earn an insurance discount. Completing this course with DriveSafeToday is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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