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Keep an Eye Out for Motorcycles

You are driving on the road and all of a sudden you hear the roar of a loud engine coming up on your left. You catch a glimpse of a motorcycle in the mirror as it roars past you. You breathe a sigh of relief, thankful you were paying attention because you were thinking of switching into that lane just moments earlier.

Like with other motorists driving around on four wheels you also need to share the road with motorcyclists to ensure everybody gets where they need to be safe and sound. However, since motorcycles have a much smaller profile than their four-wheeled counterparts, you need to be extra careful during the warm, summer months when many more motorcycle riders are hitting the roads.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind to ensure your safety and any motorcyclists you encounter.

Stay back

Since motorcycles are able to stop much more quickly than cars you should keep a farther distance away than you normally would. Motorcyclists are not protected by the steel frame a car would have, so if you were to bump into a motorcycle rider the risk of serious injury or fatality is significantly higher.

Take a second look at your mirrors

Most drivers are so used to watching out for cars, or at least the shapes of cars, that they do not take the time to look out for motorcycles. Well now is the time to change that!

Our best advice? Look twice.

When making a turn, look out for regular traffic. Then, take a second look to ensure you are not about to turn in front of a motorcycle too suddenly or worse, turn in to a motorcycle. Most accidents involving a motorcycle happen because the driver of a four-wheeled vehicle does not take that second glance and then cuts off the smaller vehicle.

Do not be distracted; be aware

Distracted driving, in any situation, is hazardous and easily avoidable. Keep your hands away from your cellphone until after you have gotten to your destination. If you have to make a call, safely move to the emergency lane, turn on your hazard lights, and use it then. Combined with the fact that most drivers do not train themselves to watch out for motorcycles, being distracted can be recipe for disaster.

Simply being aware many people are riding on motorcycles while its warm out will at least place the suggestion in your mind to be extra careful.

Remember that being a safe driver means sharing the road with others, including motorcycles. By following the above tips, you can ensure everyone goes back home.

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