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Houston Still Effected by Hurricane Harvey

The risk of an unforeseen event can have rippling effects in an area, nowhere more evident sadly then in Texas, after the event of Hurricane Harvey. We here at Drive Safe Today want to make sure that if you have not considered your location and insurance when you look at what you can be at a risk of. It never helps to be careful and avoid a dire dilemma.

Hurricane Harvey and Texas Insurance  

“An estimated 300,000 to 500,000 vehicles in the Houston area alone could be a total loss due to damage caused by Hurricane Harvey”, according to an analysis by Cox Automotive back in 2017. Unfortunately for Texas drivers, it does not seem to be a requirement for auto insurance to include damages from flooding. The common insurance only covers accidents from other drivers. This left many people affected by the hurricane in a precarious situation.

If you were unfortunate enough to not have an insurance policy that includes any damages by flooding another option for some assistance came from President Trump.
Areas, where vehicles were damaged, were declared disaster zones, meaning that people within the area with damaged property could get some assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, for property not covered by insurance.

Hurricane Harvey and Houston Traffic

The repair of roads damaged by Hurricane Harvey could cost some counties in the millions. Many freeways faced closings in multiple locations along freight roads, causing trucks to flow into areas they should not be in. This slight increase in traffic has had transportation committees considering flood proofing roads to avoid freights from flowing into, and through, any regions they should not.

Risk of Flooded Vehicles

In the wake of the hurricane, the selling of previously flooded cars is also a growing problem. After the owners of the flooded cars have completed their business with their insurance companies, said vehicles are usually refurbished and resold. This means that vehicles that were damaged and still with some issues are transported to other areas unaware of their previous condition. By the time new owner realizes what he has purchased a flooded vehicle, is too late and he is left with liability.

Tragedy struck the residents in Texas, and our hearts go out to them. At Drive Safe Today we just recommend you consider looking at what coverages your insurance company may offer.

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