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Florida Traffic School Can Help Drivers

Just like other states across the nation, Florida sees its fair share of auto accidents. The statistics reveal that people are behind the wheel when intoxicated, drowsy, and distracted. Some drivers are completely negligent and others are angry. The United States Department of Transportation reports that more than six million motor vehicle accidents happen annually. These numbers include auto accidents, trucking accidents, and motorcycle accidents. Those crashes resulted in 40,000 deaths and three million injuries each year. You have to admit as a driver, those numbers are frightening.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported that during 2015, the state had 46,922 DUI charges. Other criminal charges faced by drivers included 5,763 reckless driving charges, 16,336 cases of leaving the scene of an accident, 4,228 counts of fleeing, and several other different charges. When combined, there were 384,359 criminal charges while driving in the state that year alone. The state saw an additional 2,037,434 non-criminal violations issued during 2015. So the chances of being involved in an accident or facing a moving violation when on Florida roadways is very real.


How To Benefit From Florida Traffic School

Even the safest drivers make mistakes, so everyone can benefit from Florida traffic school. Traffic school offers safe driving techniques and will help you learn to drive defensively. You can get a significant discount on your Florida auto insurance by taking the course, which is court-approved and available online. If you have been issued a citation, you might be able to have the citation dismissed and kept off your driving record with the completion of a state-approved driving course. These courses are beneficial for drivers of all ages and all experience levels.

If you have been court-ordered to complete a class, our program is approved to meet those requirements as well. The four-hour course can be taken on your own schedule, so you can log in and out of the program at your convenience and take up where you left off. If you are ready to get started with Florida traffic school, SIGN UP HERE to get started. You will be issued a certificate of completion after you have finished the course.

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