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Driving Tips for Long Road Trips

One of the most exciting and popular things you can do for the New Year is to go on a road trip! Imagine yourself driving down the highway as the beautiful scenery whips past you. Anywhere along the road you can stop, take it all in, and snap a few pictures. However, before you hit the road you need to prepare. Here are a few safe drivingtips to keep in mind.

Clean your car

Before your road trip take a trash bag and clean out the junk from your vehicle. You can make this task easier by using a vacuum cleaner to suck out some of the garbage. Be sure to use it on the upholstery as well. Even while you are on the road it is recommended that you clean out your car often because it is easy for the garbage to pile up during especially long rides. You do not want your car to stink before you even reach the end of your journey.

Purchase a roadmap

Buy an actual physical map. Sure, you may have a GPS device or mapping service on your phone, but what if the batteries run out? Or what if you cannot get a good signal and you need to find out where you are and where you are going? A map is a necessity and can be purchased on the cheap. Go to your local bookstore and they will have maps of the entire United States, your state, and even your local county for just a couple dollars.

Take a break

The monotony of driving, especially when you have no one else with you to switch places, can exhaust you. Stay up for too long and drowsiness will set in and impair your reaction time. This is how accidents happen. If you feel tired pull off to the side of the road immediately and take a nap. Better yet, head on over to a rest stop and sleep. Most highways have dedicated areas where drivers on the long haul can take a break. If you are going cross-country you should book a night or two at a motel. You can get a full night’s rest and prepare yourself for the next day!

Pack some food

You do not have to prepare a four-course meal; just pack some fruit or protein bars from the store or ones you have made yourself for quick meals on the go. If you do not want to spend a ton of money on unhealthy fast food or dining on the road these are excellent options to keep you energized while you drive. Also, bring water! Planning road trips can be daunting, but also fun at the same time. To make sure the journey is a smooth one, keep these safe driving tips in the back of your mind.

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