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How to Save Time at the DMV

Going to the DMV is like going to the dentist. Nobody likes going, but sometimes you just have to go. Since the DMV isn't open 24/7 and most people have work and school during those hours, going to the DMV might require too much sacrifice. Thankfully, there are some tips and hacks that may be able to get you out of there faster. Here’s a look at some of the best ways to save time at the DMV.

Be Prepared

Need to renew your license but don’t have your 6 point identification documents with you, don’t even bother. What’s worse than having to stand in long lines, only to get booted at the counter because you didn’t have the right documents or incorrectly filled out a form? Nowadays, most of the information that you’ll need for your trip to the DMV, like certain forms and checklists, can be found online. Being prepared and having all the right documents, forms and payment methods can certainly make the trip a lot smoother.


Use the Internet

Times have changed. A lot of the things that people stand in line for at the DMV can now be handled quite simply online. For example, some states now allow drivers to renew their licenses, change addresses, check wait times and much more online or by mail. Some states, like California, even have mobile apps to help you find the least busiest DMV closest to you. You can find out what online services your state DMV offers by visiting their websites.


Go When The Time is Right

Most DMVs close early in the day, forcing working people to either take off of work or wake up early on the weekends to get their work done. Although this may be the only time you are free, the weekends are usually the worst time to go to the DMV. Alternatively, the best times to go to the DMV are during the week, mid to late afternoon, when most people are working. Going in the middle of the month can also save you some time, as many drivers flood the DMV at the beginning and end of the month to get their license renewed. You’ll find shorter lines and more time to do other things.

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