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Wyoming Defensive Driving Course

  • Master Safe Driving & Reduce Insurance Bills

  • Complete at your own pace (not timed)

  • 100% online and available 24/7

  • Most insurance companies offer a discount for completing defensive driving (be sure to check with yours and for more info read our Unapproved States Terms and Conditions)

Pricing: $24.95

4 hours (no timer - complete at your own pace)


Available to download immediately


70% (unlimited exam retakes)


24/7 and 100% Online


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What Students Say

1753 Reviews | 4.9 Stars

My insurance provider recommended this course to get a car insurance discount and i'm really glad i took it. Not only was it entertaining, but I also learned a lot. I would definitely recommend taking this course.

Vicky C.

Vicky C. Wyoming Defensive Driving Course

Short, simple, and straight to the point. I got my certificate right after completing the exam and sent it straight to my insurance company for a discount. I will definitely retake this course again.

Ella D.

Ella D. Wyoming Defensive Driving Course

The course was very easy and made me laugh a couple times. I would recommend this course and will definitely take it again.

Theodore M.

Theodore M. Wyoming Defensive Driving Course

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