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Certified User Name M. Smith
Course Name Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE)
Completion Date 07/13/2024
Valid Until 07/13/2025

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What Our Students Say

I had to take this course to get my permit. The course was very easy. I finished it all in one day. Would definitely recommend taking this course.

Juan C.

Juan C. Florida TLSAE Course

I usually have a hard time keeping up with online courses but this one was super convenient and easy to use. They let you complete it at your own pace which was super helpful. I got the certificate right away.

Krystal B.

Krystal B. Florida TLSAE Course

If you need to get your permit, you should take the course. They notify the DMV for you when you finish the course. The quizzes are not graded but they help you learn the material. It didn't take that long to complete.

Gary M.

Gary M. Florida TLSAE Course

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