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This certified driving history is acceptable for a defensive driving course.

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Fast turnaround

I purchased the records when I was taking the defensive driving course and I had them the same day! I have purchased from others sites before that take a long time so drivesafetoday is definitely legit.

John T.

John T. Verified Purchase

Saved me a lot of time

The DMV makes it mandatory to hand this record in with defensive driving which is a pain. But thank you for saving me a trip to the local office. Got my records fairly quickly so I am happy.

Peter C.

Peter C. Verified Purchase

Official and affordable

Third time purchasing from you! This is the most affordable and convenient way I have found to get my driving record. It is official as I have needed it for a few different reasons and never had an issue.

Joan E.

Joan E. Verified Purchase

Texas Driver Record

Get your official Type 3A Texas driving record online.

Texas Driver Record

Get your official Type 3A Texas driving record online.

How long will it take to receive my Texas driver record?

Please allow one business day for us to process and retrieve your Texas driving record.

When we have obtained your information, we will email the record to you. The information will also be available for download through your DriveSafeToday account.

Why should I check my Texas driver record?

In the same way you should often check your credit report for incorrect information, you should check on your driving record to ensure that all information is correct.

Additionally, the court may require you to submit your Texas Type 3A driving record along with your Texas defensive driving course certificate in order to dismiss a ticket or citation.

Will I receive an official Type 3A driving record?

Yes! DriveSafeToday provides an official type 3A driving record obtained from DPS.

This record includes violations, restrictions, accidents, and defensive driving course completions and comes directly from the government database.

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Texas Driving Records FAQs

  • Yes, we provide official DPS driving records.

  • Similar to how you should view your credit report on a regular basis you should also check your driving records often. Also, as part of court requirements you may be instructed by the judge to submit your Texas driving records with your Certificate of Completion from our defensive driving course.

  • Please allow one business day for us to process and retrieve your records. Once it has been retrieved you can download a copy of your driving records through your account.

  • The Type 3A driving record is a certified record of your driving history. It is acceptable for submission alongside a defensive driving course certificate. Our Texas defensive driving course allows you to dismiss a traffic ticket/citation, earn a car insurance discount, fulfill court requirements, and can be used for employment purposes. The 6-hour course is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration. After completion of the course we will mail you a physical copy of the certificate for submission purposes.

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