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Georgia Defensive Driving Course

  • Master Safe Driving & Reduce Insurance Bills

  • Complete at your own pace (not timed)

  • 100% online and available 24/7

  • Most insurance companies offer a discount for completing defensive driving (be sure to check with yours and for more info read our Unapproved States Terms and Conditions)

Pricing: $24.95

6 hours (no timer - complete at your own pace)


Available to download immediately


70% (unlimited exam retakes)


24/7 and 100% Online


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What Students Say

1753 Reviews | 4.9 Stars

This is my 3rd time taking this course. It's a good mix of being easy with not a lot of friction from start to end and educational.

Antonio Q.

Antonio Q. Georgia Defensive Driving Course

There are no complaints from me. Good course and really good people at Drivesafetoday who helped along the way - 2 thumbs up from me.

Henry I.

Henry I. Georgia Defensive Driving Course

I liked that there is no timer and I can complete it as fast as I want. I am a fast reader and was able to get through this course very quickly.

June D.

June D. Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Georgia Defensive Driving Course


Are you ready to improve your defensive driving skills? If so, there are several advantages to taking a Georgia defensive driving course from DriveSafeToday. Courses are available for as low as $19.95 per person.


When you take this defensive driving course you can:

  • Save up to 10% on your car insurance. You should contact your insurance agent for course approval before you register to take it.

  • You can also have a ticket or citation dismissed, but to make sure this course will work for your particular needs, consult with the court and request approval prior to taking it. You need to make certain this class will be accepted before you register for it.

Why Choose Our Georgia Defensive Driving Course?

Not all driving courses are the same. When you take the course from DriveSafeToday, you will have convenient access to a quality program that is designed to be informative, interactive, and fun.


Our course offers audio narration and a FREE download of your certificate after the course has been completed. You can test drive the course for FREE, with no hidden fees or tacked on charges.


Details About the Georgia Defensive Driving Course


If you complete our Georgia defensive driving course, you may qualify to have a ticket dismissed or reduced. You may even qualify for a car insurance discount. In order to qualify for the auto insurance discount, you must confirm with your insurance agent that the DriveSafeToday course will be accepted for a discount. To have a ticket dismissed or reduced, you must ensure that the course is approved by the court. Confirm with the right entities before you register to take the class.


After you have registered, you can log in and out at your convenience with no set expiration date on the course. This is a very detailed course that will provide you beneficial skills and defensive driving knowledge. Your certificate of completion is available for printing after you have finished the course at its entirety.


Georgia drivers have been given permission from the court or judge to take the course in order to have a ticket dismissed or reduced. Drivers of any skill level can benefit from the defensive driving techniques taught through our online course. If you have considered a Georgia defensive driving course, this is the right one for you! Sign up today for only $19.95!

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