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Alaska Defensive Driving Course

Pricing: $19.95

1753 Reviews | 4.9 Stars

6 hours (no timer - complete at your own pace)

Text, Audio, and Video Formats

>70% (unlimited exam retakes)

  • Master safe driving & reduce insurance bills.

  • Complete at your own pace (not timed).

  • 100% online & available 24/7.

  • Most insurance companies offer a discount for completing defensive driving (be sure to check with yours and for more info read our Unapproved States Terms and Conditions).

Enhance Your Driving Skills with Our Alaska Defensive Driving Course

Welcome to the leading Alaska Defensive Driving Course – your online solution for advancing road safety and accessing potential insurance discounts. Tailored for Alaska drivers, this course is meticulously crafted to boost your driving acumen, elevate safety practices, and possibly lower your insurance costs.


Top Reasons to Choose Our Alaska Defensive Driving Course

Insurance Savings: Completing our course could lead to lower car insurance premiums. However, it's recommended to verify the specific discount details with your insurance provider.

Flexible and Convenient: Being 100% online, our course offers the liberty to learn at your pace, in any place, anytime. Available around the clock, it perfectly integrates with your dynamic lifestyle.

Interactive Learning Formats: We accommodate various learning preferences by providing the course in both audio and video formats, ensuring an interactive and efficient learning journey.

Guaranteed Success: With a passing mark set at 70% and unlimited exam attempts, our course emphasizes learning and comprehension, with a strong focus on educational achievement.

Alaska-Specific Content: This course is custom-designed for Alaskan drivers, aligning with all state guidelines for defensive driving education.


Benefits You'll Receive:

Advanced Driving Techniques: Master essential defensive driving skills to stay safe on Alaska’s roads.

Local Traffic Laws and Regulations: Refresh your understanding of traffic rules pertinent to Alaska.

Hazard Prevention Strategies: Learn to identify and evade common driving hazards effectively.

Certification of Completion: Earn a certificate upon finishing the course, which might qualify you for insurance discounts.


How the Course Works:

Register Easily: Quick and straightforward sign-up for the Alaska Defensive Driving Course.

Progress at Your Own Speed: Move through the course based on your personal schedule, free from any time constraints.

Pass the Final Exam: Achieve the required 70% score, with as many attempts as you need.

Receive Your Certificate: Download and present your completion certificate to your insurance provider to explore discount opportunities.


Embark on a Journey to Safer Driving in Alaska

Join numerous Alaskan drivers who have improved their driving skills through our comprehensive and engaging defensive driving course. Enroll today and take the first step towards enhanced road safety and potential insurance benefits.

Enroll now in our Alaska Defensive Driving Course and elevate your driving expertise!

Alaska Defensive Driving Course

DriveSafeToday makes the process of completing the course convenient, simple, and affordable. See how you can benefit from taking the Alaska Defensive Driving Course today.

Benefits of Taking Our Alaska Defensive Driving Course Online


The DriveSafeToday course is designed to be entertaining, convenient, and educational.


  • The course is 100% online - no classroom required.

  • Take the course from any device - mobile, tablet, and computer. It's available 24/7 and you may complete it at your schedule.

  • The course will always resume from where you left off.

Earn an insurance discount with this course. Confirm with your insurance provider on how much of a discount they provide.

Completion Certificate for the Alaska Defensive Driving Course

  • Upon successful course completion, we will immediately provide a certificate of completion for you to download and email you a copy at no extra charge.

  • We provide the option of sending a hard copy of your certificate by USPS First Class Mail and Express Mail.

If taking the course for an insurance discount, simply submit your certificate to your insurance company. If taking the course for a citation, you will have to submit the certificate to the court.

What Students Say

1753 Reviews | 4.9 Stars

Extremely useful course that should be taken by all drivers to help save lives. I would recommend everyone to take it!

Jefferson A.

Jefferson A. Alaska Defensive Driving Course

I have taken tons of these courses over time and I can vouch for drivesafetoday. It's a painless process to get through and you may even enjoy it.

Annie D.

Annie D. Alaska Defensive Driving Course

A+ from me! I called in for help signing up and the rest I was able to complete in one day. My insurance accepted the certificate...great website overall.

Daniel J.

Daniel J. Alaska Defensive Driving Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our course is accepted by most insurance companies. We recommend contacting your insurance company before taking the course. Upon completion, we'll provide you with a certificate that you can submit to your insurance company or agent to earn your discount.

  • Simply register for the course on our website, complete it at your own pace, and we'll provide you with a certificate that evidences your completion. This is the easiest and most affordable way to earn a car insurance discount or fulfill a requirement by your employer to take a defensive driving course.

  • This course is 6 hours long - but there are no timers. You may complete the course at your own pace by logging in and out. At DriveSafeToday, we make it as easy as possible for you to complete our defensive driving course to earn an insurance discount or fulfill employer requirements.

  • There is a final exam and you must score at least 70% to pass. Don't worry - it's open book and you have unlimited attempts to pass at no extra charge.

  • No. You may log in and out and complete the course at your own pace. The course is available 24/7 and will always resume from where you left off.

  • Many courts may accept this Alaska defensive driving course to dismiss a ticket. Please be sure to check with the court and obtain approval to take the course for ticket dismissal.

  • Yes. We provide a certificate of completion to download for free at the end of the course. This certificate will be proof that you have completed the course. We also provide the option of ordering a physical copy of the certificate.

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