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Alabama Defensive Driving Course

Pricing: $27.95

1753 Reviews | 4.9 Stars

6 hours (no timer - complete at your own pace)

Text, Audio, and Video Formats

>70% (unlimited exam retakes)

  • Master safe driving & reduce insurance bills.

  • Complete at your own pace (not timed).

  • 100% online & available 24/7.

  • Most insurance companies offer a discount for completing defensive driving (be sure to check with yours and for more info read our Unapproved States Terms and Conditions).

Unlock Savings and Safety with Our Alabama Defensive Driving Course

Welcome to the premier Alabama Defensive Driving Course – your online gateway to mastering road safety while unlocking potential insurance discounts. This flexible, user-friendly course is expertly designed for Alabama drivers seeking to enhance their driving knowledge, improve safety skills, and qualify for insurance discounts.


Why Choose Our Alabama Defensive Driving Course?

Insurance Discounts: Upon completion, many of our course takers have enjoyed reduced rates on their car insurance. We always recommend checking with your insurance provider to confirm the discount you can expect.

Convenience and Flexibility: Our course is 100% online, allowing you to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever suits you. Accessible 24/7/365, it fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

Engaging Formats: Catering to diverse learning styles, we offer the course in both audio and video formats, ensuring an engaging and effective learning experience.

No-Fail Guarantee: With a final exam requirement of just 70% and unlimited attempts, our course is structured to ensure your success. This no-fail approach emphasizes learning and mastery over mere assessment.

State Approval: This course is tailored specifically for Alabama drivers, meeting all the state requirements for defensive driving courses.


What You'll Gain:

Enhanced Driving Skills: Learn vital defensive driving techniques to keep you safe on the road.

Rules of the Road: Refresh your knowledge of traffic laws and regulations specific to Alabama.

Risk Management: Understand how to anticipate and avoid hazards encountered while driving.

Certificate of Completion: Receive a certificate upon completion, which may be used to qualify for an insurance discount.


How It Works:

Sign Up: Easy and quick registration for the Alabama Defensive Driving Course.

Learn at Your Pace: Progress through the course as it suits your schedule, with no pressure or time limits.

Complete the Final Exam: Achieve a 70% score with unlimited attempts.

Get Your Certificate: Download and present your completion certificate to your insurance provider for potential discounts.


Take the First Step Towards Safer Driving

Join the multitude of Alabama drivers who have benefited from our comprehensive and engaging defensive driving course. Sign up today to start your journey towards becoming a safer driver and enjoying the benefits of reduced insurance rates.

Enroll now in our Alabama Defensive Driving Course and transform your driving experience!

Alabama Defensive Driving Course

Enroll in our Alabama Defensive Driving Course for online safety training. Boost your driving skills, understand state laws, and potentially lower your insurance premiums. Flexible, engaging, and entertaining for all Alabama drivers.

Benefits of Taking Our Alabama Defensive Driving Course Online


The DriveSafeToday course is designed to be entertaining, convenient, and educational.


  • The course is 100% online - no classroom required.

  • Take the course from any device - mobile, tablet, and computer. It's available 24/7 and you may complete it at your schedule.

  • The course will always resume from where you left off.

Earn an insurance discount with this course. Confirm with your insurance provider on how much of a discount they provide.

Completion Certificate for the Alabama Defensive Driving Course

  • Upon successful course completion, we will immediately provide a certificate of completion for you to download and email you a copy at no extra charge.

  • We provide the option of sending a hard copy of your certificate by USPS First Class Mail and Express Mail.

If taking the course for an insurance discount, simply submit your certificate to your insurance company. If taking the course for a citation, you will have to submit the certificate to the court.

What Students Say

1753 Reviews | 4.9 Stars

I have hated taking defensive driving courses over the years but this one was really well put together. The entertaining video helped liven up an otherwise boring topic.

Bryan L.

Bryan L. Alabama Defensive Driving Course

Thank you to Ashley at customer support for your help! I took this entire course on my phone and got the certificate to my insurance agent which saved me a bunch of money.

Stacy O.

Stacy O. Alabama Defensive Driving Course

I took this course for an insurance discount and it was a breeze. I recommend this course to everyone.

Jonathan E.

Jonathan E. Alabama Defensive Driving Course

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