Tips to Prevent Road Rage

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Road rage, also known as aggressive driving, is often triggered when a driver feels offended by the actions of another driver on the road. The triggers vary but one thing is certain: succumbing to road rage is very dangerous and can potentially have lethal consequences. Aggressive drivingcan appear in many forms – from tailgating to making obscene gestures at others. A bad day at the office; being late for work; having an argument with loved ones, etc. – any of these can cause a person to get behind the wheel of their car in a bad mood. A person can be wound up so much even the slightest perceived infraction by another driver can set a person off. If you ever felt like you have driven aggressively before, read these tips on what you can do to resolve that.

Get a good night’s sleep

You would be surprised how much this helps your mood in the morning when you need to get to work. Getting a good 7-8 hours of sleep will allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and alert enough to focus on arriving at your office safe and sound.

Avoid annoying tailgaters

No one likes being crowded around. The same can be said when another car tailgates you as you drive. While this is inevitable during periods of high traffic, the simple solution is to change lanes and let them pass. A person who is tailgating has a high chance of causing trouble so your best bet is to just get out of their way. Not only will you get out of the way of their road rage but also prevent yourself from becoming stressed and angry in turn. This strategy works with other reckless drivers, not just tailgaters. If they are driving erratically your best bet is to avoid them.

Plan ahead

If you have driven long enough you know by now the obstacles you will inevitably encounter as your drive. Every now and then an accident or roadwork can slow or halt your commute but these are rare – you can plan ahead to avoid such incidents. By planning ahead you will avoid these potential headaches and feel less compelled to rush to and from work.

Listen to music

If you feel your blood boiling and your anger rising listen to calm, soothing music. Turn on the classic station or listen to an audiobook or podcast. You have a lot of options for tunes you can listen to that will help you relax on your way to and from home. Keeping calm and controlled is at the center of preventing road rage. Should you feel the onset of aggression, remember and follow these tips.

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